New Music in Progress

Since Kelly had the baby, lullaby’s have been on her mind.  I was in the midst of composing an epic masterpiece, but the only notes that came out were in the form of a lullaby. So we ran with the idea and since then we have started compiling and composing a group of lullabies and Scripture songs. In the near future we will produce a CD with these songs. We will be adding some samples to this page as we get further along.


After the lullaby, it was still on my heart and Kelly’s to compose an epic masterpiece, and so we did. It also has an epic title:

Stronger Than Death!  Song of Solomon 8:6

We just finished recording it with our favorite recording engineer, Nate Mason, and we are in the pre-production stages with our favorite video guys, Ethan and Mike Hill of Light Symphony Productions. We are so blessed to have a team that is able to produce music and videos that far surpass our expectations.


Here is a sample of our latest CD, Vision of the Ages. We realize that there are many hymn CD’s. That is why it is our desire to do something different. Within these hymns, you will recognize the well-loved melodies, but you will also hear something new. The newness of these hymn arrangements make them come alive, once again, with a new spark that catch the ear and grab the heart.

Click below to hear a sample of our latest  CD.

Here are some of the hymn titles.

  • How Great Thou Art
  • Tell Me the Story of Jesus
  • Deeper and Deeper
  • Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross
  • Be Thou My Vision
  • and much more……