Kelly McCampbell

My name is Kelly McCampbell. I grew up in a home that loved music. My mom especially imparted that love to all of my siblings. At an early age she started all of us on the piano. This is where we learned to read music, count, and play. I always wanted to play the violin. When I was thirteen, my parents began taking me to private lessons. I was a part of the Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon until I graduated from high school. My love for the violin and its music grew deeper. My younger brother and I began playing piano and violin together for our church and for different events. I discovered a joy through the violin that released from my heart songs of praise to my Savior. On June 22nd, 2013, I married my most precious friend and handsome husband, Jedidiah McCampbell.


Ron Ochs and I began playing together when my family began attending the church that his family was going to. I was privileged and honored to play with such a gifted musician. His playing style was similar to my brothers, and I found, as with my brother, the freedom to let the violin sing from my heart as we played together to the Lord. When Ron asked me and my husband to join him in this project, I was, once again, honored. Now it is my joy to share one of the sweetest blessings that I believe that the Lord has given us. He created us all to worship him, and what better way is there to do that than with music that honors Him! May you be blessed as you listen and join us in this project!

Since writing this, the McCampbell family has had a new addition! Corinne Kayla McCampbell was born April 9! She has been such a joy to us already! She has inspired Ron and I to work on a lullaby CD. Her smiles are contagious and she will add a whole new element to my playing as I thank the Lord for His many blessings to us!